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Piano, Theory, Composition

Beginning Guitar

Ages 5 - 105

Beginner - Advanced

All Styles


Vendor with

EPIC schools!

Reasons to consider

Beth Chedester for your

piano teacher!


Over 30 years piano teaching experience
Member of 
NCTM certified
Serving students in Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby
Competitively Priced
Classical, Praise and Worship, Pop, Composition, Keyboard,
Beginning Guitar 
Extra 15 minutes of theory included in each lesson!
(Not offered at this time)
Why Choose Me?
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
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Epic Charter Schools
Full Time
Piano Teacher
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Your safety is paramount.

Call to learn about

our safety standards.

Lessons offered in person

in Tulsa and Owasso.

Lessons also offered ONLINE!

Combination of in person and online available.

No recital opportunities

scheduled at this time.

In the Tulsa area we are located at
6659  S.  77th  E.  Ave

home studio

In the Owasso area we are located on:129th between 86th and 96th

A Little About Me

     I earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from West Virginia University and hold a two-year certificate from Rhema Bible College.  I teach piano, theory, composition, and beginning guitar.

     I have taught piano for 30 years, developing my own teaching curriculum and writing Keyboard Ensemble music, which is published by OGILVY MUSIC.  I also use the Faber and Alfred Series, as well as supplement with sheet music, composition, chord charts, lead sheets, and duets.

     I have a gift for teaching!   Whether you are interested in Classical, Pop, Praise and Worship, composition, theory, group piano, or all of the above, I am eager to help you pursue your interests and help you discover new ways to play.

     I am especially gifted in helping students who have been discouraged with lessons to learn to love the piano again. Lessons will be challenging, but fun!

            You can look forward to a wonderful experience and learning that will last you a lifetime!  

About Me/Policies

What is the Cost/Policies

Most parents are interested first in the teacher, then the cost! 

Here is a breakdown of charges at Chedester Piano:

Owasso and Tulsa Piano Studios:  $23 per half-hour

Online:  $23 per half hour

Payment is due for each lesson of the month regardless of student attendance or absence, but I will do what I can to make up any lessons the student misses.  In June and July, simply schedule and pay for lessons you can attend.

Students are not locked into a lengthy contract and there are no withdrawal penalties or fee.  If you need to stop lessons, please simply finish the month you are in.

If you need to make other arrangements based on more flexible scheduling or payments, please feel free to discuss this with me! 

Material Cost:  

Students will need materials such as lesson books and learning aids.  I will purchase the books at a local music store and pass them on to you at cost.  Most books will cost between $7 - $10 and will come in sets of 2 or 3 books.   Certain books I create myself and will usually be $3 - $6.  Students should also have a regular-sized spiral notebook and a ½ inch 3-ring binder (hard covers).


Recital cost will vary based on location.  Most often, there is no recital fee.

For details on policies including inclement weather, student cancellations, and parent responsibilities, please feel free to speak to me by phone or email a request for a full policy sheet!



Serving Owasso, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks

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